ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy):
ASIS aims at defining a new vision of innovation that is social innovation in order to increase the innovation capacity of Alpine space regions by answering to the new challenges. ASIS consortium would like to develop a new approach of innovation that really answers to economic and societal challenges met by each Alpine region. The underlying idea of ASIS is that all forms of innovation are concerned by societal challenges (socio-economic and environmental). Criteria of Social Innovation can be applied to any other form of innovation. What matters most is the impact and the purpose of the innovation. Social Innovation is considered as a crucial soft location factor for generations and economic development. It creates the human potential and capacity for technological and service innovation and is a driver for wellbeing. While the Alpine space is a very dynamic territory in terms of research and social innovation initiatives, the region is also characterized by regional social disparities and relatively little cooperation between stakeholders across the region. Given this background, ASIS develops a strategic approach to promote social innovation in the region and increase cooperation between actors.

ASIS will propose new tools and methodologies, an innovative platform, new strategic policies & recommendations to public actors through a white book, simulation models and many other materials. ASIS’ new strategy will use findings of existing projects of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme and social innovation research.

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2018 – 2021

Funding Programme: Interreg Alpine Space
Lead Partner: Chair of entrepreneurship in Social and Solidarity Economy of Lyon 2 University (Scientific coordination; Email)
OXALIS scop (Administrative and financial management; Email)