EXCELLENCE-IN-RESTI (Excellence in Research, Social and Technological Innovation Project Management):
Excellence-in-ReSTI identified support needs for the management of research and innovation projects with a particular focus on social innovation projects. In the Danube region, many organisations lack the necessary skills to design and lead research and innovation projects. Against this background, the project partners developed an online training programme and an infodesk service to assist the project’s main target group members, i.e. early-stage project managers and administrators. Excellence-in-ReSTI also addresses these deficiencies from a strategic perspective, namely by developing a strategy and roadmap to improve the administration and management of (social innovation) research and innovation projects.

The final outputs of the project include the ReSTI.academy innovative learning system aimed at increasing leadership and administration skills, employability of early-stage ReSTI managers and quality of ReSTI projects. Five learning modules (EU Policies, Project Design, Project Management, Social Innovation, Innovation in the Business Context) provide students and their institutions with materials and tools in the 5-door methodological approach specifically designed for developing the most relevant knowledge and skills (eHandbook, text files, videos, weblinks, discussion topics, assessment quizzes).

Excellence-in-ReSTI project website
ReSTI online training programme
Infodesk service
Excellence-in-ReSTI Strategy and Roadmap
Excellence-in-ReSTI on Youtube

2017 – 2019

Funding Programme: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
Lead Partner: Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH – Austria, Gabor Szudi – Project manager (Email)
Communication manager: Iva Vuksanovic-Herceg, University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics (Email)