EYES (Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurial Skills):
While entrepreneurial education has become an EU priority to fight labour market exclusion, a consistent approach to systematically integrate vulnerable young people is missing. In fact, the low number of local projects linking vulnerable young people to entrepreneurial education reveals the fragmentation of knowledge across NWE. To make a real difference, a transfer of knowledge is needed to generate a new, transnational model. The co-designed EYES approach combines entrepreneurial education with personal coaching and digital support to help vulnerable young people access regular support schemes they otherwise would refuse.

The EYES product package includes an App that can be jointly used by vulnerable young people and their coaches, training materials for professional and volunteer coaches, and guidance for the local implementation of the EYES approach. The project outputs include training labs which prepare coaches to run the pilots in the Ruhr area, Greater London, Flemish triangle, European Metropolis of Lille, and Tilburg, supported by a common helpdesk.

EYES project website

2018 – 2021

Funding Programme: Interreg North-West Europe
Lead Partner: Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen, Institut für Kirche und Gesellschaft (Email)