I2I (From Isolation to Inclusion)

I2I (From Isolation to Inclusion):
Across the North Sea Region many people are experiencing social isolation and loneliness. With the public sector struggling to address such a complex problem, finding appropriate solutions requires action from many different actors such as academia, municipalities, businesses and people affected by social isolation. I2I focuses on innovation against social inclusion. The project brings the actors mentioned above and their target groups together to co-create solutions. One example is service delivery (including utilizing new technologies such as serious gaming, apps, chatbots, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality).

I2I enhances innovation in social service delivery to improve social inclusion and counteract loneliness in the North Sea Region communities and neighbourhoods. By the end of the project, the following results and outcomes are expected:

  • 300 involved citizens in (neighbourhood) interventions feeling less lonely/isolated,
  • improved efficiency in delivering public social services,
  • improved innovation capacity of the public sector to generate innovation demand and innovative solutions to combat social exclusion,
  • nine improved or new innovation support measures for public service delivery,
  • 2500 organizations/ enterprises adopting new solutions.

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Funding Programme: Interreg North Sea
Lead Partner: University of Agder (Norway), Ragni Macqueen Leifson (Project Manager), Walter Wehus (Communications)