INTESI (Integrated Territorial Strategies for Services of General Interest):
Services of general interest (SGI) are in the competence of authorities at different levels. Up to now, authorities and the service providers tend to have a strictly sectoral approach to SGI which leads to isolated solutions, neither taking benefit of potential synergies nor optimizing the use of public money. Therefore, there is a need for a better horizontal and vertical coordination of SGI and for their inclusion into integrated territorial strategies. The main objective of INTESI is to assure the delivery of SGI in the long run via integrated territorial strategies and policies.
The project focuses on the following themes:

  • Health and social services,
  • ICT and digital society,
  • Rural and peripheral development,
  • Transport and mobility.

The project introduces a new governance model and a think tank on SGI. These activities reveal how different actors can work together in order to generate integrated strategies of SGI delivery. Furthermore, pilot activities have been implemented in various test areas and led to the implementation of integrated, territorial strategies such as the “Valchiavenna 2030” strategy (Italy), the new structural plan of the district of Porrentruy (Switzerland), the strategy for the social integration and care of elderly people in district of Ausserfern (Austria) as well as in concrete activities to improve the provision of services of general interest. All project results are integrated in the INTESI handbook.

INTESI project website
INTESI Handbook (pdf)

2015 – 2018

Funding Programme: Interreg Alpine Space
Lead Partner: Swiss Centre for mountain regions, Thomas Egger (Email)