PLURALPS (Enhancing Capacities for a Pluralistic Alpine Space):
Funded by the Interreg programme for the Alpine Space, PlurAlps develops responses to demographic changes in the region. These changes include, for example, an ageing population and increasing migration. PlurAlps aims at promoting a welcoming culture and improve knowledge and awareness regarding the integration migrants of all backgrounds in the Alpine region.

One of the main project outputs is the white paper “Fostering pluralism as a key to local development in the Alpine Space”. The white paper includes aimed at increasing the territorial attractiveness and social cohesion of the Alpine Region through innovative measures that foster pluralism and address migration. The recommendations focus on municipal and inter-municipal levels of engagement. More specifically, they present approaches for public and civil society actors working at different levels (local, regional, national and transnational, including the business sector) that encourage social, cultural and economic innovation, and support pluralism and prosperity at a local level.

PlurAlps project website

2016 – 2019

Funding Programme: Interreg Alpine Space
Lead Partner: Regional Development Vorarlberg (Email)