SI4CARE (Social Innovation for Integrated Health Care):
With an increasing number of ageing people, providing adequate healthcare services is a crucial endeavour. Given the technological advancement, Ambient Assisted Living Technologies and Intelligence are promising solutions to improve the current health care situation. Social Innovation also plays an important role: applied to a healthcare system, it creates social value with practical impacts on society – aggregating needs and interests, increasing civic participation and strengthening social cohesion. The SI4CARE partners will address

  • the fragmentation of institutional capacities and efforts in delivering healthcare services to the elderly;
  • the lack of integration and coordination of existing innovative ICT tools for healthcare provision, which are usually tested and implemented in isolation;
  • the lack of a shared vision across public authorities on how to effectively face this changing health demand pattern in an integrated and socially innovative way.


  • Mobilisation and improved collaboration of stakeholders involved in the elderly care, based on a quadruple helix approach (involving application service providers and target groups, including innovators, academia, researchers, business sector, healthcare service providers & users, public authorities and administration), for effective and integrated service delivery based on a common medium/long-term vision;
  • enhanced competencies of healthcare stakeholders to deliver services in an effective, integrated and innovative way;
  • better capacities of public administrations regarding the elaboration of appropriate policies and regulations;
  • Improved coordination of the elderly healthcare social innovation strategies and implementation models across the participating regions.

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Funding Programme: Interreg ADRION Programme
Lead Partner: University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Email: Darja Šemrov, Vlado Dimovski